Brian Emil Hartz

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Functional Redux Ducks

Recently I've been grasping at and learning more and more about functional programming. React has helped me quite a bit in this venture, but more recently Redux has come into my life and I've truly been enjoying developing with it.

My learning adventure with redux

My adventure with redux began July 30, 2015. It was warm sunny day in Denver, CO, and one of my coworkers mentioned he'd heard of this amazing state manager that we can use with react called Redux.

I was instantly hooked since we had recently been internally working on a state manager that resembled a lot of what redux was going for.

Quickly I read everything about redux that I could find online, cloned the repo, poked at examples, even became a contributor.

The first day I started learning about redux I also created shop ducks with redux. This has since become my playground for trying new things related to react and redux, like redux-form.

Stateless functional components

With the release of react v0.14, we got stateless functional components. These have personally helped me stay focused on making smaller more reusable components and smaller more concise pieces of code.

Example stateless functional components


As I continue my adventure in the functional land of javascript I'm having more fun and I personally feel I'm writing better more maintainable code. Cheers to the functional future!