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Dynamic Password Validation

Password validation based on specific security parameters was the task at hand. I wanted instant validation as the user typed their password in. These were the specifications that the user needed to meet.

Password Requirements

  • 6 characters in length
  • one uppercase
  • one lowercase
  • one digit
  • one special character

Example validations

As I browsed the internet using Chrome developer tools I came across a simple, yet cool implimentation.

I quickly copied stack exchanges solution javascript into a gist and went at creating a codepen from it!


Enter the amazing code playground that is! I built the following codepen that anyone is free to copy/use/fork.

Password Validation Codepen Example

See the Pen Dynamic Password Validation, work in progress... by Brian Emil Hartz (@hartzis) on CodePen.

ps... Please introduce code completion on

Password validation Gist